Asian Bookie Guide 2021

Betting sites have gained popularity all across the globe. Many people have seen the convenience of betting online rather than going to the physical betting place. With this, there are tons of bookies or bookmakers that have popped up online. Among these are the Asian bookies. These bookmakers are slowly making their name popular in the online betting scene. Even if you are not in Asia, you can join an Asian bookie site. There are quite a few countries, aside from Asian countries, that are accepted in Asian bookies. But before you confirm your registration in one of these Asian betting sites, make sure that you are equipped with knowledge on its rules and the benefits you can get from it. This article will give you a comprehensive guide on what an Asian bookie is and how you can bet on it and enjoy the benefits they offer to members and punters.

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What are Asian Bookies?
Asian bookies are those that facilitate betting mostly on sports events that cater to Asian countries. Their rules and laws apply to what they accept in the Asian Countries. These betting sites can set odds, place bets, accept bets from punters, and handle the payout of winnings. As sports have become popular all around the world, sports betting will not be far behind. Therefore, there are lots of Asian bookies present online. These betting sites operate in Asian countries. Though a lot of punters only know the popular UK and US betting sites, many have already discovered good Asian Bookies not on renapro to join. These Asian betting sites offer lots of sports to bet on, mostly the ones that are popular in Asia. With these bookies, you can place bets on sports like horse racing, soccer, tennis, Esports, and a lot more. Just like the UK and US betting sites, Asian bookies have lots of features to show and offer to punters. Asian bookies are gaining immense popularity among punters online. It is because they offer so much more than compared to other sports bookies operating in other regions of the world. Punters have noticed getting a bigger betting limit in Asian bookies. Some also have experienced using bigger welcome bonuses. There will always be differences in Asian bookies as compared to other bookies from other countries. It is just important to choose the bookie that works well to your advantage. There are a lot of Asian bookies to choose from online. Choose the best one that will provide you a good betting experience.

How do We Rate the Best Asian Bookie Portals?

It is difficult to choose the best Asian bookies. So, it is important to consider a few features to determine which the best ones are.

Sports Selection

The Asian bookie must have tons of sports offered to bet on. This will allow more punters to place their bets and enjoy playing on the site. Sports bettors would want to play in a betting site that offers them more options on the sports to place bets on.


The user-friendliness of the bookies will matter as no one would want to get into a site with difficulty. Punters choose bookies that have an easy and simple user interface so they can focus on enjoying placing bets and not figuring out how to navigate the pages. The usability of the betting site will play a big deal in ratings.

Mobile Readiness

Asian bookies that are accessible through mobile rate better. People are always on the go these days. Any punter can visit bookies that are mobile-ready at any time of the day.

Payment Selection

As they say, the more the merrier. Asian bookies that offer more payment methods will win the ratings. Punters would want to play in betting sites that can accept any payment they want to use. This brings convenience and more opportunities to keep betting.


Bonuses matter a lot to punters. This can give them extra games, points, or any perks the betting site could offer. Sports bettors would often choose sites that have more bonuses for their members.

Features of Top AsianBookie

Before you join an Asian bookie, make sure that it has the best features that can give you a great betting experience. These are:


Join a betting site that is well-recommended by punters, analysts, and experts. This simply means that more people trust them. The bookie should not have any disputes or a poor reputation in the betting industry. And it should have been around for a long time. Being able to operate for many years shows the site has already gained the trust of its members.

Customer Service

This is one feature that punters look into. A bookie should have efficient and properly working customer service. This will help the site gain the trust of the bettors. The customer service should be always available any time a member needs their help with their concerns, questions, and issues with the site or bets.


The betting site should have a high level of usability. It should be easy to navigate and follow. Punters should not experience confusion or difficulties navigating the betting site. It should work on any gadget or computer used. Also, the site should be compatible with any operating system available.

Currency Selection

Since the Asian bookies cater to Asian countries, they should be able to accept Asian currencies as well. The betting site should be able to accept and payout different currencies so more punters will not have limited payment options.

AsianBookie Horse Racing Options

Horse racing is among the sports that Asians love. And betting in it has become a popular activity even from way back. With the presence of Asian bookies today, more punters can place their bets in this favorite sport of horse racing. There are many betting options in horse racing that bettors can choose from. These include:

Win Bet

This bet is pretty simple. Your bet should finish first in the race to get a return.

Each Way Bet

With this betting type, you get to place bets on two racers. If either of the two wins, then you win. This is a safer bet since you have two options but will require you to spend more. Each Way bets are also applied to other bets such as multiple betting.

Multiple Bet

Multiple bet allows you to place bets not just on one racer but several more. If you will use a winning bet on all your choices, then they must get a place in the race so you can get a return. But to play safe, you can choose each-way bet on your multiple choices so when one of them wins the race, you get an automatic betting win.

Full Cover Bet

A full cover bet is a type of horse racing bet where a punter can place multiple bets over a number of choices. There are many kinds of full cover bets to choose from, such as: Trixie – three choices Yankee – four choices Super Yankee – five choices Heinz – six choices Super Heinz – seven choices Goliath – eight choices With the full cover bet, you have lesser risk since you only need to win at least two to get a payout. But since they diversify the bets with several options, the returns could be lesser. Horse race betting is exciting as there is no sure win in the race. With several betting options, Asian punters have put horse races among their favorites.

Where can I Watch Asian Bokie Live Score?

The best thing about betting from Asian bookies is that you can find live score updates all the time. If you are a follower of a specific sport, you can easily find live game updates. This is most beneficial for punters as they get to keep track of what is happening with their bets. There are quite a few ways to watch Asian bookies live scores. These are:


There are already lots of Asian betting sites that also show live score updates of the sports they carry. You can check out the bookie that you have joined in as they may give live scores to keep their members updated. However, not all sports betting sites have live scores features. It is then important to join a sports betting site that has this feature. This way, you can easily monitor the sports that you have placed bets in.

Social Media Sites

Some social media pages show live updates of the scores of different sports. Most sports leagues these days have their own social media pages. This is where they show live games and updates on the different tournaments that are happening. If you want to get live scores plus be able to see the games live, then you can find the page of the sports league you are following. This way, you can easily see if your bets won or not.

Team Pages

There are sports whose teams are extremely popular, which is why they have their pages. They live stream games so the fans can tune in. But punters betting on the same sport can also watch the games on these pages. With these, they will easily get live score updates and know whether their bets won. Watching the games and keeping track of the scores and game statistics can help punters make their betting strategies.

How to Choose the Best Asianbookie?

There are many Asian bookmakers available to choose from. But it is important to join only the best. Here are some tips to choose the best Asian bookie.

It should offer plenty of options

As a bettor, more choices give the best thrills in betting. A great Asian bookie has plenty of sports covered, lots of types of bets to choose from, many payment options, and lots of bonuses to claim. When a bookie has these all, then it is a must-join betting site.

It should be user friendly

A good Asian betting site is easy to navigate and explore. The usability of the site will affect the punters’ decisions whether to join in. It is important that a betting site is user friendly and will not give the visitors or members any difficulties and confusion in using the site.

It should be legit

If you want a good betting experience, join a legit Asian bookie. This will be your guarantee that all your bets are safe. It will also assure you they will protect your information from any form of cyber crime. To avoid any legal troubles, make sure that you are placing bets on legit betting sites.

It should be fun 

The best betting sites offer fun, enjoyment, and excitement to their members and bettors. If the betting site you joined is not fun at all, then it is not the best. A good Asian bookie should make sure that their bettors and members are having fun while placing their bets.

How to Transfer Funds to an

These days, Asian bookies have offered more modes of funding to their members and bettors. There are different methods to transfer funds to an Asian bookmaker. The most common method used by punters is via bank wire transfer. This is a direct-from-the-bank transfer of funds. It can be done online which makes it convenient to use. Others who do not want to use their bank accounts would use credit cards. There are lots of online betting sites that accept payments through credit cards. Again, this is convenient and easy as they can do payment online. Other payment options include checks and e-wallet. Transfers using a bank account or credit card can be done by using different payment services like Skrill or Asiapay88. But for many Asians, prefer using MasterCard and Visa. Mobile banking provides ease and convenience. This will easily put in funds to your betting account. Aside from the usual modes of payment, many are already using cryptocurrency to transfer funds to an Asian bookie. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency used these days. But there are still other cryptocurrencies accepted in some bookies. It is just important to check if the site you joined is accepting digital cash for the funds. Transferring funds to an Asian bookie is easy and simple as the site itself provides a step-by-step guide. Before you confirm your registration, make sure that you have checked the modes of payment accepted by the site. This way, you can see if the payment you want to use is accepted or not.

Is It Legal to Bet Online with Asianbookie?

Just like in other regions, some countries do not allow sports betting. If you are from these countries, then finding a bookie to bet on will be difficult. In these countries, online betting sites are now allowed to operate. In Asia, there are only a few countries that allow online sports betting. It is because of the strict rules applied in their beliefs and culture. But you can still find Asian countries that have opened their doors to online sports betting. This is where betting online becomes a legal activity. Asian countries that allowed online betting include Japan, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan. In India, there are only two states where online gambling is allowed. The other countries in Asia are still not allowing online betting. This is because of their beliefs and traditions. Some countries are very strict, especially with following their culture. This explains why many Asian countries do not allow online sports betting. As for online betting sites that are operating worldwide, some would accept punters from Asian countries. This will give opportunities for Asians to place bets online. Most of these sites know which countries may do online betting. There are also some Asians that place bets on unregistered online betting sites. However, this move can be risky as you do not have protection from online fraud and scams. Also, betting on illegal betting sites can take you closer to have unfair and dishonest deals. So as for the legality of betting online with Asian bookmakers, everything is reliant on the rules and laws of the country. For countries that do not allow online betting, then this activity is considered being illegal. Always check on your country’s laws on gambling if it is legal or not. This way, you will not get into any trouble with the law.

Which Currencies Do Asian Bookie Accept?

The payment methods are important in any betting site. They must offer several methods of payment. But it is also important that the online betting site accepts the currencies used by many punters. Asian bookmakers make sure that their punters and members will not any difficulties funding their betting accounts. This is to give them the best betting experience. Therefore, Asian betting sites accept currencies that are normally used in Asian countries. It is better if you can find an Asian bookie that accepts several currencies. This will give you a lot of options on which one to use. Among the most popular currencies accepted in Asian online betting sites are: Japanese Yen – JPY Chinese Yuan – RMB Malaysian Ringgit – MYR India Rupee – INR Vietnamese Dong – VND Macanese Pataca – MPO Indonesian Rupiah – IDR Hong Kong Dollar – HKD Singapore Dollar – SGD Taiwan Dollar – TWD Some Asian bookmakers accept other Asian currencies. Before you register with a betting site, make sure the bookie you have chosen accepts that your currency to use. This way, you will not go through any difficulties funding your betting account. Other Asian bookies also accept dollar currencies and even cryptocurrency. This is to cater to other nationalities and provide them the best betting experience.

Top Reasons for Choosing an Asian Buki Over an EU Bookmaker

There are a lot of EU bookmakers around but some punters prefer betting in Asian bookies for different reasons like:

Asian bookies have larger betting limits

Betting limits are typical in online betting sites. But when compared with EU and US bookmakers, Asian bookies offer larger betting limits. If you are a big bettor, then you will enjoy playing in Asian bookmakers. This will also give you more chances of playing and never be stopped because you have reached the limit quickly.

Large deposits and withdrawals are allowed

Asian bookies are not that strict with accepting large deposits. This also goes with their allowed withdrawals. Most Asian bookmakers accept big deposits from punters so betting will be continuous. This is what many bettors look for in a betting site as they do not want to go through the hassles of putting in funds very often in their accounts.

Large bonuses

It is common for Asian bookmakers to offer large bonuses, particularly the welcome bonus. This is one thing that makes them attractive among punters. Most of these betting sites have the usual bonuses offered but they can also offer occasional perks which will bring a lot of benefits to the bettors.

Competitive Odds

This is the biggest draw factor of Asian bookies. They offer the best odds to punters making them continue to keep betting. Having the biggest odds makes them offer the best value to their members and bettors. Punters always look for bookies that will give them odds worthy of their money.

Easy registration

Asian bookies attract a lot of newbie punters because their registration procedure is simple and easy to follow. You can get started with your betting journey in minutes. And this is because Asian bookies make sure that they provide a simple step-by-step process of registration.

Advantages of Asian Bokies

No limit betting

As many Asian bookies set a large betting limit, others have no limit at all. This is simply something that many punters will find beneficial. The limits are set to avoid punters from getting addicted or bankrupt with betting. But for Asian bookies, the fun and enjoyment they give to their members are their primary focus.

More chances of wins

Because of the top limit feature, Asian bookies offer more chances of betting and winning to their punters. If you have lost a bet, then you can easily get back up and place the bet again. More games will bring better chances to keep winning as long as you stick with your betting strategy.

More sports

Betting in Asian bookies will give more options to punters with the sports to bet on. Asians are fond of a lot of sports and many of these favorites are included in their array of choices. Punters can bet on sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, horse racing up to Esports.

More payment options

With Asian bookmakers, payment options can be abundant. They accept different payment methods available. Plus, they also accept many currencies that will be appropriate to the countries they cater to.

Disadvantages of Asianbokie

Still new in the online betting industry

Unlike the European bookies which have been around for ages, Asian bookies are quite new in this industry. This makes them still adjusting their features and offers to level up to the EU and US bookies. Some Asian bookmakers even have inferior features as compared to others. There are Asian betting sites that do not have live streams or live score updates yet. And this is just one feature that is important for punters.

Their experience makes them less prestigious

Since the Asian bookies are still new in the betting industry, they do not have a huge following yet. Some punters prefer betting on well-known betting sites and this is a downside for Asian bookies. Their years of experience make them look less popular as compared to those that have been around for ages.

Have a lesser market bse

The Asian betting community is not as big as the Europeans or Americans. This makes it difficult for Asian bookies to boost their popularity and exposure. So, they need to exert efforts in giving better odds and more bonuses just to attract more punters to join their sites. Getting more punters to bet on their sites can help them boost their popularity and reach more people even around the globe.

AsianBookie Conclusion

If you are looking for an online betting site to join, be sure to consider the Asian bookies. You surely will get a lot of advantages though you still need to do a little research on what is on offer. There are already a lot of Asian bookies available online. And you will not have difficulties looking for information about these sites as there are lots of content about them online. The most important thing in joining a betting site is that their offers, modes of payment, currencies, and regulations are appropriate to your betting requirements and capabilities. Choose the online bookie that can give you the best betting experience you want to achieve.